Marketing In A Digital Way

Marketing has been different since the birth of internet. Our approach is simple yet effective by ROI driven.
Customers pay, target, build and send their messages across to their targeted audience
via numerous social media platforms.

At PCT, We provide sound advice on the selection of keywords to enhance SEO,
quality content writing to attract attention and thus achieving greater return on
investment by generating more revenue for the business.


a satisfied customer is the best business
strategy of all

Target Audience

Through our advanced modeling, we are able to estimate the preference and behavioural pattern of targeted audience through social media.

These targeted audience is normally classified through demographic and geographic locations which made it easier for any businesses to send their messages across to their customers.

Characteristics Of Target Audience

  • Demographics
  • Locations
  • Interests
  • Spending power

Analysis & Report

Our team of experts provide a thorough analysis and report to customers from the latest findings of their online marketing campaign. Close analysis from time to time is done to ensure effectiveness of online marketing via various social media channels.

  • Close monitoring of social media platforms
  • Engagement and trend of target audience via social media
  • Effectiveness of Hashtag# selections
  • Ranking reports and website traffic