Content Write Up

Each write up and content is uniquely created to match interest of customer

PCT builds unique write up and content aiming to match and reach out to customers with the same interest as to their search


Forecast Your Keyword Search Traffic

Forecast your revenue through sophisticated technology by accessing to the search traffic.

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Tell Your Brand Story

We understand that there is a story to tell for each brand. That is why we create articles to match with each brand and are distributed all across various social platforms to increase brand awareness and image.

Articles include:

  • Articles or stories for publishers
  • Articles for industry related websites
  • News or Press Relations content
  • Customer reviews

Digital World

Public Relations becoming digital now as customers are opting for online search for quicker information. We provide digital PR solutions to optimize and reach targeted audience within the various platforms of social media. We make sure you stand out and be heard from your customers and thus creating communications with customers.

  • Creating content
  • Selecting target audience
  • Reaching out to targeted audience
  • Achieving feedbacks and communications
  • Evaluating results

What Social Marketing Can Do For You

The trend is now that almost each individual is attached to one social media platform. Therefore, we make use of this strong connecting platform to outreach to customers’ targeted audience.

Various social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WeChat
  • Google+
  • Hashtag#